Welcome to

the Virtual Kingdom web site of 

The Independent Virtual

 Kingdom of New Atlantis

An International  non profit organization, with no paid staff, not connected
 with any religious or political organization, and a history
 going back over 40 years.

Dedicated to improving the quality of life of its
 members/citizens and others

Making a real difference in  the real world and developing projects
 in the virtual world

This website is our main website and index to other specialist websites and projects sites. The buttons on the left, allow you to get an overview of what we are all about, undertake and some of our projects and see links to other organizations and projects as well as our own websites. 

The buttons at the top go directly to some of our other websites. The links button  on the left towards the end of the list, is a more complete listing of websites.

Within this website you will find some of the buttons on the left take you to collections of pages and in this case at the top of each of these pages is another selection of buttons to move within that section.